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Coloring Your Hair
& Hair Transplants

When to color hair is a frequent question, and over half of my patients color their hair on a regular basis.

We always tell patients that if they want to color they should do it prior to the procedure by at least a few days. The reason is because the hair dye cam color the scalp and it will be harder to see where to make incisions if the scalp is darkened from dye.

But if done a few days before the dye usually washes off and then the procedure is easily performed. Coloring your hair before surgery is a bonus if you have grey hair because it is much easier to see. It also helps us have a more accurate idea of how the density looks using your usual hair color method.

However, if you have grey hair, it is not necessary to color it if you don't normally color.

After the procedure you can start coloring your hair four weeks later. And when your hair grows out you will notice that the new transplanted hair will grow faster then the prior hair that fell out and you might even have to color it a week sooner then you normally.

Also when it comes to coloring your hair, it should be noted that regular non-transplanted hair can be weakened by coloring but transplanted hair is stronger, less likely to be affected by hair color and will not fall out.

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