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How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost

Hair restoration cost is an essential factor in getting a great procedure. Many doctors who practice hair transplant surgery will tell you that you get what you pay for therefore if you pay more it is because of the surgeon's skill. However it is those surgeons that do a few cases a month that seem to be charging the most. So we must understand the logic behind hair restoration cost. If you charge more and are less experienced you are a better surgeon. This inverse or perverse logic is precisely why we charge less per graft for your hair restoration cost. In fact it seems only ethical to charge a patient less per graft and therefore they can obtain more grafts in a sitting and therefore have less procedures.

What hair restoration cost really is all about is the fact that a doctor should act like a doctor first and be a businessman second. The interest of the patient is first and foremost, not to gouge them on price. If a hair transplant surgeon is busy then he does not have to make the hair restoration cost so exorbitant that you end up spending $25,000-60,000 for a group of surgeries . In fact if you can do less surgeries and get a hair transplant at a lower cost for the total surgeries and end up referring several patients it makes the doctor even more experienced.

In our office we have performed over 11,000 cases and we can assure you that our total hair restoration cost for all the procedures will be thousands less.

We have patients that fly in from Europe, South America - Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, the West Coast of the United States such as Oregon, California, and Washington state as well as Texas , New York and Canada. We even let you talk to patients who have had it done from your area. Want to hear what our previous patients have to say? We have past clients that will gladly email or call you if needed.

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