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Hair Loss Due to Cosmetic Surgery (9/13)
Trichology: Possible Causes of Hair Loss (7/13)
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Hair Transplant Physician Unveils Link Between Nutritional Workout Supplements and Hair Loss at Conference (8/11)
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Madonna's Itching to Get Rid of Lice (11/27/10)
Hair Extensions Creating a 'Bald New World?' (11/24/10)
Black women say they have had enough they are going natural (11/18/10)
Dermatologist says black women are losing their hair faster than other races (11/17/10)
The Globe: Stress Makes Gals Go Bald (10/11/10)
Local Doctor Creates "Hair-Friendly" Health Shakes (5/12/10)
Hair Loss Expert says Elin Nordegren is not the Only One Losing Her Hair as a Result of Stress
Press Release: Losing Your Hair? Your Genes are Only Partly to Blame
Special Olympics 2009 Special Olympics 2009: Miami-Dade County Special Olympics with hair transplant patient Sargeant Lampert, of the Miami-Dade firefighters. See the Video.

Steve KaneDr. Shapiro worked on radio talk show personality Steve Kane, host of 1470 am Talk Miami. Steve always wants to look his best and there is no better procedure to turn back the clock then a hair transplant which is permanent, natural and affordable.
Steve Kane Autograph: "To Dr. Shapiro, the man who created my hairline. Your the best!"
Miami HeraldMiami Herald: "... Sure, athletes and actors can afford to be bald, Shapiro says. But he says everyday guys don't have the magnetic attraction of Michael Jordan. Many of his clients are divorced men and widowers forced back into the dating scene ..."
PRBoca Raton, FL: The News: "... Shapiro became interested in hair transplanting because it's the type of surgery in which the patient looks and feels better following the procedure ... he has willing patients that walk out of his Delray Beach office with a renewed enthusiasm and an improved self-image. They are more confident in their social and professional lives and also take a renewed interest in exercise and physical activity, Shapiro says. ..."
PRBoca Raton, FL: The News: " ... Holly television notions may lead prematurely bald men into thinking that bald is beautiful, when in real life it isn't always the case. ...Shapiro says that the patients he sees are out at night playing the real social scenes and finding that a receding hair line is not helping their character score points with the opposite sex. "
Dick ClarkFundraiser with Dick Clark, 1996, for a children's foundation in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.