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The leader in hair transplant solutions, Dr. Shapiro holds 22 years of experience in hair restoration and transplantation from his south Florida locations in Delray Beach, Florida, Dr. Shapiro's Hair Institute is a popular destination for many nationwide as well as for those living in and around Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Naples, Tampa, Stuart, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami. as well as other popular US cities such as Atlanta, Dallas and Houston. With $3 fu/graft and $5-$6 fue/ graft, hair transplant cost doesn't have to be expensive. Call today to find out how Dr. Shapiro can help you have the hair you want!


It's no wonder that Dr. Shapiro has made quite a name for himself. In practice in the same location since 1989, Dr. Lawrence J. Shapiro has performed over 11,000 micro-minigraft/follicular unit hair restoration surgery procedures. As a dermatologist (the treatment of skin, hair, and nails) he specializes exclusively in hair restoration surgery. He was the first hair loss doctor to do a "strip incision" and the first doctor in the Southern U.S. to specialize in "micro-mini grafts" developing this hair treatment to a state of the art procedure.

Dr. Lawrence Shapiro is the hair transplant physician of choice for other medical physicians. He has performed over 1000 procedures on his medical colleagues. Call and ask us for physician references.

Dr. Shapiro has a highly trained and experienced medical staff, many of whom have been with him since the beginning. They specialize exclusively in assisting in hair restoration surgery. This knowledgeable and caring team is here to help you through the entire process. Want to see more? You can view hundreds of our hair transplant photos as well as our many patient testimonials.

Accelerated Follicular Restoration

After a hair transplant, the new follicles enter a dormant phase which normally lasts for 3-6 months. After that initial period a hair follicle ordinarily starts growing. After years of observation we have recently discovered how to decrease the dormancy phase with our patent pending and proprietary Accelerated Follicular Restoration (AFR). Growth now starts at 6 weeks to 2 months.

Dr. Shapiro will be a faculty member at the the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ISHRS, San Francisco, October 23rd-26th; and at the Annual Congress of the Japan Society of Clinical Hair Restoration, November 23rd-26th, where he will be lecturing on the Low Anabolic Profile, Help Hair Shake, and the S.H.A.P.I.R.O. Chart. As faculty, he also lectured at the IAT convention in San Antonio. And Help Hair Shake attended the World Hair Congress in Edinburg, Scotland at an International Research Conference on Hair Regrowth.

Dr. Shapiros's paper entitled the "Low Anabolic Profile in Assessing a Patient's Overall Hair Loss Program with S.H.A.P.I.R.O. Chart Pathway(s) 1, 2, 3" has been accepted for publication in the journal "Skin Surgery", which is an official journal of the Japan Society of Clinical Hair Restoration (JSCHR).

Hair Transplant Cost

At Dr Shapiro's Hair Institute pricing is extremely affordable. We know you want to look your best for work, social or other activities. But you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a head of hair. Dr Shapiro personally performs all his procedures and because he is the most experienced hair transplant physician in the world he could charge more than any other doctor. He would rather you get a fair price so you could afford more hair and do less. Click here for more information.....

As low as $2-$3 Fu/graft, as low as $5-6 FUE, and combo.

Before & After AFR - Amazing growth in just 6 months! See more photos ...

Hair Transplant Before & After

As low as $2-$3 fu/graft! 1-561-414-4509 As low as $5-$6 fue/ graft

Hair Restoration for Men Before Photo After Photo of Hair Transplant for Men

Hair restoration surgery relies on the genetics of hair growth. For most people, a sizable portion of hair never falls out; it is genetically coded to grow throughout life. It is this permanently growing hair that serves as a "donor" region for hair restoration surgery. And hair loss in women can also be successfully treated.

"I flew in, had the procedure and flew back out the next day. It was easy and convenient and I now have a great head of hair! -- Frank L., Chicago, IL"

If you have already had hairline loss, hair transplants are the only option for restoring natural hairlines. Because "donor hair" is genetically resistant to the male/female-pattern balding, it can be used for the restoration of natural hairlines which are also genetically resistant to balding.

Dr. Lawrence Shapiro
Reviewed by Michael T., 2011-12-05
"I never thought I would do something like this, but Dr. Shapiro made it so easy. When I went in for my consultation he actually let me see a procedure and the patient was so comfortable and happy I knew I had to do it."
Hair transplant reviewRating: 5
Dr. Lawrence Shapiro
Reviewed by Jose R., 36, 2009-07-18
"I thought I was destined to be completely bald, but Dr. Shapiro changed that, permanently! This website is incredible. No other doctor has this much information- packed with articles and 1000's of before and after pictures. Other doctors have 3-4 before and after pics on their website and no information and they charge 3x the price."
Hair transplant reviewRating: 5

At Dr. Shapiro's Hair Institute we offer 1000's of referrals and we can arrange for you to meet any of the patients shown on this website in person and many more. So if you have a particular type of hair or hair loss or have an African-American hair loss or another ethnic background or gender we will match you up with the a person with the same hair loss so you can see them in person. No other doctor in the world can offer you that individual attention. That's because no other individual doctor has performed as many micro/follicular unit procedures as Dr Shapiro! View before and after photos and see successful hair restoration cases we have performed.

Americans are besieged with hair loss treatment ads using misleading advertising. If you are genetically prone to hair loss and balding, FDA-proven hair loss treatments MAY help slow the process IF they are used early and often. However, hair loss treatments are not permanent solutions to your hair loss problem and can become very expensive over time with possible side effects.

We want your dreams to be affordable. That's why we offer 12 month interest free financing toward your hair transplant cost. And, why not come while you vacation? - Enjoy a Florida holiday break! Call our hair replacement clinic today (and get 100 free grafts as a bonus!).

We've also got a collection of health tips and interesting hair facts at our blog and in our videos. See our disclaimer on our photo pages.

Dr. Lawrence Shapiro
Reviewed by Jeff L., 2011-03-17
"My results were amazing! With AFR my hair grew without falling out. It didn't even go dormant. I have a lot of growth at 6 months and cannot wait to see how it looks at 8 and 10 months."
Hair transplant reviewRating: 5
Dr. Lawrence Shapiro
Reviewed by Zaifi K, 2012-08-04
"Dr Shapiro did a great job. He gave me the choice of FUE or FUT. But he explained that I would get a lot more density with FUT. He was right. With FUT there is much greater density and if you notice that not many websites will show you before and after pictures of FUE."
Hair transplant reviewRating: 5
Hair Transplant Testimonials
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"Nothing is worse for a woman than loosing her hair. Dr Shapiro is amazing and with his vast experience and in depth extensive research in the science of hair growth and hair restoration - he is light years ahead of his competition. No wonder he is the leader in his field. My hair looks so natural even my hair stylist can't tell. Thank you so much!"
-- Ann F., 48, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

As low as $2-$3 fu/graft! 1-561-414-4509
Dr. Shapiro has been featured in the following:

International Society of Hair Restoration SurgeryMember, International Society of Hair
Restoration Surgery, Trustee Giving Circle.    

Phi Beta Kappa SocietyIn 1980, Dr. Lawrence Shapiro was elected a member of the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa Society for his high level of academic achievement, one of few hair restoration surgeons to be so honored.

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