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Hair Loss Surgery,
What to Look for and to Avoid

Why Dr. Shapiro started doing hair transplants

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  • Experience: With 20 years of surgical skill performing hair loss surgery Dr. Shapiro and his experienced staff are able to harvest more grafts which reduces the number of sessions, minimizes scarring and allows you to obtain the maximum density possible.
  • Personal Attention: At your free consultation you will meet personally with Dr. Shapiro. We do not have salesmen.
  • Meet Other Patients: At your free consultation, unlike any other office, we will actually arrange for you to meet with prior patients who have had the hair transplant procedure and whose hair has grown out, so you can see first hand these amazing results.
  • Daily Surgery: We provide unmatched experience! We perform hair transplant surgeries every day, while other offices may only perform several surgeries per month.
  • Hair Transplant Specialization: We specialize in performing hair transplant surgeries to provide patients with permanent natural results, we do not perform any other procedures or recommend gadgets and gimmicks
  • Dr. Shapiro is the only doctor on staff thereby giving his patients consistent, effective results.

What to Look For

  • Artistic Touch: Look for a doctor that has an artistic touch. One that is a true artist will be able to design a beautiful, natural looking hairline.
  • before
    after hair loss surgery
    after hair loss surgery
  • Hair Transplant Experience: Make sure the doctor does hair replacement exclusively and performs this type of surgery every day. It is good to see a procedure but most important is to deal with a well seasoned doctor with many, many years of experience that will allow you to speak with thousands of references. A doctor that is part of a large group or has only been practicing for 6 or 7 years may not have personally done thousands of cases. Unless a doctor has this extensive experience it is not likely that he will understand the nuances and delicacies of the many aspects of hair replacement.
  • Dr. Shapiro has been in practice since 1989 and has personally performed over 11,000 hair transplants surgeries.

Dr. Shapiro-Hair Loss Treatment Dr Shapiro reviewing one of the thousands of charts from 20 years of practice. Meet with any one of these patients. Remember experience counts!

Hair Loss Surgery

Meet Dr. Shapiro & watch actual patient testimonials and see before & after pictures.

Meet personally with Dr. Shapiro. We have no salesmen!

What to Avoid

  • Misleading product advertising We are besieged daily with hair loss treatment ads using misleading advertising to sell their products. Hair loss patients spend nearly one billion dollars each year on ineffective hair loss treatments. If you are genetically prone to hair loss and balding, FDA-proven hair loss treatments MAY help slow the process IF they are used early and often. However, hair loss treatments are still not permanent solutions to your hair loss problem and can become very costly and expensive over time with possible side effects.
  • Non-time-tested products: We recommend that you be cautious of unproven methods of hair loss treatment such as the latest fad, laser combs, to grow your hair. The high cost of these unproven methods certainly does not justify them. In many cases it does not succeed in growing anything more than peach fuzz and new hair can fall out over time. Laser combs may not produce hair on parts of the scalp that are already bald.
  • HBOT: Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, clinically used for a number of problems including compromised skin grafts and flaps, is not proven or FDA-approved as a treatment for hair loss. Some offices may use it for skin grafts gone wrong.

The most effective and affordable treatment for hair loss is a permanent hair transplant performed by an experienced, skilled surgeon. Ask to view surgical procedures and meet prior patients. Find out how long the surgeon has been performing hair transplants, how many surgeries they have performed and how many grafts they are able to do in a session.

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