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Hair Loss Surgeon Dr. Shapiro and the staff of his Florida hair restoration clinic
Our large friendly hair restoration clinic staff is here to attend to your every need!

Dr. Lawrence J. Shapiro,
Florida Hair Restoration Surgeon

Dr. Shapiro (see publications and appearances) has been in practice in the same South Florida locations since 1989. He has performed over 11,000 micro-mini grafts/follicular units procedures in South Florida. As a dermatologist (the treatment of skin, hair, and nails) he specializes exclusively in hair loss treatment.

Dr. Shapiro's Accelerated Follicular Restoration (AFR) was developed after years of observation and speeds the growth of new hair follicles, shortening or skipping the normal "shock" that occurs after hair restoration surgery. He was the first to do a "strip incision" and the first doctor in the Southern U.S. to specialize in "micro-mini grafts." About this website.

Dr. Shapiro has a highly trained and experienced medical staff in his two south Florida locations, who have been with him for 12-22 years, and who specialize exclusively in assisting in hair transplant and restoration procedures. This knowledgeable and caring team is here to support you throughout this entire process.

Dr. Lawrence Shapiro is the hair transplant physician of choice for other medical physicians. He has performed over 1000 procedures on his medical colleagues. He is a speaker on hair loss solutions at national and internationl industry meetings and venues. Call and ask us for physican references.

While known as the leading hair transplant surgeon in Florida as well as the United States, Dr. Shapiro is very active in community events; here are some pictures taken at the 2009 Miami-Dade Special Olympics

Dr. Shapiro provided effective hair restoration and transplant procedures for men and women
Women's hair procedure before picture
Women's hair procedure after picture
Dr. S. & Happy Clients with New Hair! Men's hair procedure before picture
Men's hair procedure after picture