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About This Website

Dermatologist Dr. Lawrence J. Shapiro has been in practice in the same South Florida location (Delray Beach) since 1989. He has performed over 11,000 hair transplant procedures in South Florida. As a dermatologist (the treatment of skin, hair, and nails) his sub-speciality is hair loss treatment. Dr. Shapiro's office also provides 24/7 on-call question answering by an RN.

Dr. Shapiro is the author or editor of all content on this website and is solely responsible for that content. Furthermore, the information provided on this website is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own physician. Our mission is to provide the most appropriate and medically safe hair transplant services we can, at a cost that is affordable and reasonable.

Privacy Policy: We consider confidential, private or semi-private information including but not limited to -- email addresses, the content of emails received from or sent to you, your contact information, name, personal or medical data -- as strictly confidential in the same manner that we would treat any patient records. We will not sell or rent your email address or contact information to any other person, company, or entity without your written permission.

We do not maintain an online database of your personal and private information.

Our site does not use cookies to track your activities, although we do use Google Analytics and CrazyEgg.com to track website activity.

Before and after photos: We are presenting only unretouched photos, taken with a polaroid (older than 5 years) or digital camera (newer photos). We will not use your name in before and after pictures without your written permission. In any before / after photos, we will blur your eyes and nose so as to obscure your identity unless we have your permission to show your full face.

Audience: The site is suitable for the general public and contains no inappropriate content - although the users of the site will generally be adults who are possible candidates for a hair transplant procedure.

Disclaimer: Hair transplant results will vary based on number of sittings, hair texture, color, density, the number of grafts performed and placement of the grafts and the amount of hair loss the patient has prior to the sitting. Hair transplants are permanent but hair transplants will not stop the progression of normal hair loss.

Other Information: Our site, our privacy policy and Dr. Shapiro's practice meet the standards of the State of Florida, To the best of our knowledge our site undertakes to honour or exceed the legal requirements for medical/health information privacy in all countries.

All funding for this website comes from Dr. Shapiro's private practice as a dermatologist.

This website does not accept or host any advertisement.

You can reach Dr. Shapiro at info@DrShapirosHairInstitute.com