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Hair Transplant Surgery & Sunburn

Many patients come to Florida to combine their transplant with a vacation, or they live here and are frequently sunburned. When getting a hair transplant we always make sure that the patient has proper preoperative instructions.

One of the most over-looked pre-operative condition is a patient who comes in before the procedure and is sunburned. Why would a sunburn affect the procedure?

Sunburns cause vasodilation of the skin. Which means that the blood vessels become engorged with blood and the skin becomes red. With this increased blood flow the chance of excessive bleeding during the procedure also increases. If a patient is sunburned the day of the procedure we will actually have to reschedule for another date. The easiest method to prevent this is wearing a hat a few days before the procedure and avoiding the burn all together.

After the procedure we recommend wearing a hat for at least two weeks afterwards so that the skin can heal nicely and their will be no chance of discoloration of the skin known as hypopigmention or hyperpigmentation.

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