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Blood Thinners & Vitamins

Can an apple a day keep the doctor away. Can it keep your hair loss away?

Well of course not, but apples as well as many fruits have a high degree of vitamin C in them - which raises an interesting point.

Before your hair transplant it is important that you avoid high doses of vitamin C, in some fruit, and especially in some juices where extra vitamin C may be added. Vitamin C can act as a blood thinner.

People who take high dose vitamin C such a 1000 MG, or who do a lot of juicing (again, high vitamin C) a day need to pause for two weeks due to the blood thinning effect of Vitamin C, resulting in bleeding during surgery. Vitamin C can also be found in many multivitamins which also should be stopped before surgery. They contain, not only vitamin C, but Vitamin E, another blood thinner.

We recommend that with our free consultation that you write down all your vitamins and juices that you take so we can review what you should temporarily stop prior to the procedure. After the procedure you can resume normal use.

It is amazing that a lot of patients don't realize the high amounts of vitamins they are taking until they sit down and compile a list. Surprisingly, taking blood thinners along with high amounts of vitamins can pose a risk of a stroke so we always tell patients that they should check with their doctor before taking high amounts of vitamins if they are taking other medications.

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