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Hair Color Considerations
in Hair Transplants

Hair color is always an issue to consider when you get hair transplants.

When patients get a consultation with an experienced hair transplant doctor it is one of many factors that he should consider. In general if you have hair color that is close to your scalp color your transplant will always look fuller. This is a generalization that must be clarified by also considering the patient's hair density, hair texture and his/her expectations.

Patients with blonde or light colored hair and light colored skin will are always notice very little contrast. Similarly, patients with dark colored hair and darker skin will also have an advantage.

However this is not to say that if you have black hair on a light scalp that you will not get the desired results. The reason is some patients have very dark thick textured hair giving a fuller look. Another factor is where the hairline starts on the forehead. Higher or lower hairlines result in different appearances of fullness and density.

When you come for your free consultation we can discuss what you can expect given your unique hair color and scalp color.

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