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Hair Transplants & Aspirin

Before your hair transplant procedure it is important to stop all blood thinners. The reason we do not want the patient bleeding is fairly obvious but let's review the facts.

Excessive bleeding prolongs the procedure and makes it harder to plant the grafts. Excessive bleeding results in more and larger scabbing, and therefore the grafts will take longer to heal. In addition, the patient who is bleeding a lot will need more local anesthesia and therefore have more swelling afterwards.

Aspirin is a significant blood thinner. Many people who take aspirin do it for heart related reasons and/or because their doctor asked them to do so. Before we tell a patient to stop aspirin we always get their doctor's permission.

However if they take a daily aspirin then it is recommended that they be off the aspirin for two weeks prior to surgery. If something is needed for a headache, we recommend that you take tylenol rather than aspirin.

Patients can then restart their aspirin use five days after the procedure. This way they grafts have healed enough to not start bleeding.

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