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Can I get a hair transplant
if I have Psoriasis?

Various skin conditions can affect the success and comfort of your hair transplant. Psoriasis is one chronic skin condition that need treatment for a long time. If you have psoriasis it is treated with a variety of topical creams and you should be under the care of a dermatologist.

Hair transplants will not aggravate your underlying psoriasis but there are treatments and care that can make your condition more tolerable and your hair transplant more comfortable. Therefore it is always good to go to a hair transplant doctor who is also trained in dermatology, with specific knowledge of your underlying condition.

Dr. Lawrence Shapiro has over 36,000 dermatology patients and over 11,000 hair transplant patients and will guide the psoriasis patient with the best shampoos and post op care for your condition.

If you have specific questions about any skin conditions and how they will affect your heir transplant call our office for a free consultation. This could range from the reasons for your hair loss to conditions such as seborrhea, excema, or even discoid lupus.

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