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Hair Transplant Salesmen

Most doctors go to medical school to learn to help people. Some years later there are a variety of business models that they adopt. In the field of hair transplants, these models can sometimes take some unusual forms with respect to what we expect from a doctor's office.

Some of the models of hair transplant clinics are:

  1. A corporation or entrepreneur decides to open a hair transplant clinic because it can be very lucrative. He/it hires a number of doctors to do the work, hires business and financial managers to run the business, hires salesmen to respond to initial queries from prospective clients, and hires marketing and PR agencies to promote the business.
  2. An individual doctor or a small group of doctors decide that actually meeting with prospective clients is not particularly profitable and/or decide that they don't like to spend so much time with non-clients. They hire one or several sales people to handle the selling-the-service end of the business.
  3. A group of doctors work together to spread the cost of running a clinic. They offer different modalities in order to provide a wide range of services - physicians & osteopaths, internists & specialists, sometimes even dentists, podiatrists, and dermatologists. They share administrative assistants, nursing staff and technicians who generally support all of the doctors. Some of the physicians assistants and technicians may have specialized knowledge, most may not.
  4. Sole practitioners or several professionals who band together, who specialize in one particular interest, be it family medicine, or chiropractics or dermatology. Their nursing and technical staff through both training and experience, have specialized knowledge in the same field of interest as the doctor they work with.

Dr. Lawrence Shapiro's office is the last model - the small clinic targeting one speciality. And obviously, we feel this is the best opportunity for the patient. When you visit Dr. Shapiro's office for a free consultation, you will see no salesmen whose training might only be a high school education, and who might be on the verge of giving out medical advice without licensing. Dr. Shapiro talks to all prospective clients himself, personally; gives them the opportunity to get every single question answers, to talk about issues which are important to them, and to talk to patients who have had hair transplants and even see a procedure if they wish.

All your information is kept completely confidential between you and Dr. Shapiro. He will not only review your case in person but will design your hairline, consider all your medical conditions including why you lost your hair and how to possibly prevent future hair loss.

Our consultations are completely complimentary.

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