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African American Hair &
Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant doctors should have knowledge and experience to work on all ethnic backgrounds. The physician should be trained in dermatology and have experience with African American skin including healing and avoidance of keloids.

There are many factors when considering a hair transplant such as prior healing. Does the patient have a history of keloids? Why did their hair fall out? Traction alopecia from braids or hair relaxers? Possibly anemia or thyroid as an underlying factor? How can we avoid future hair loss. It's important that a doctor consider all the factors when dealing with a patient so they can assess the overall picture.

Also the patient should be able to look online and see other patients that were worked on that are African American and had similar hair loss. A doctor who has a stock photo of one or two patients probably doesn't understand the nuances involved. Only an experienced hair doctor can work on all ethnicities including Asian and patients from India. These considerations also include special postop care including proper brushing and stitch removal as well as avoidance of certain hair care products.

In addition of knowledge and experience working with a variety of ethnicities, in Dr. Shapiro's office we have also developed special blades for African American hair and understand the ethnic differences in hair line design.

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