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Hair Transplant Doctor's Role

A hair transplant doctor is only human but the right one can do what appears to be magic. One gets unhappily used to hair getting thinner and thinner and hairlines receding and receding. And then, here comes the hair again ... and its your own hair ... and its permanent! That's magic!

In many ways its important that the actual doctor and not a salesman assesses your hair loss situation. The doctor needs to give you an honest evaluation and tell you what he can and cannot do. There are a number of factors to be considered: your overall health along with health details such as the medications you are taking, supplements that you are taking (in both cases, some can be actually contributing to hair loss), skin conditions that need to be addressed or might not need addressing, etc.

And it is important that the doctor provide for you what you really need, and not add products and services which do little more than pad the bill. In this instance, Dr. Shapiro feels especially strongly about laser combs and oxygen treatments which are unnecessary or impermanent or don't work the way advertisements suggest.

The doctor's role is to help as many people as possible and, we believe, to make it as realistically affordable as possible. He should have a high standard of ethics and endeavor to present himself and his work honestly. We all have different personal expectations - so the doctor's role should also be try to put patient's unrealistic expectations into perspective and have the courage to honestly tell patients when their expectations are not attainable.

The doctor should only tell you what he can do to improve your situation. He should show you his work and be proud of it. He should be available for questions before and after the surgery and his staff should always be courteous and reassuring.

If you interview a doctor and he isn't following these simple guidelines, we'd like the opportunity to demonstrate the way we think it should be done!

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