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FUE vs. Strip

It's been said that the follicular unit extraction is a new method which is better then the strip method.

The question of FUE vs FUT is one that we get frequently. Unfortunately the FUE is touted as a new method but the doctors doing it do not tell you the complete truth or the extreme downside. The follicular unit extraction is a modified version of the old plug method. The plug was done with a 1-2 cm punch that was actually punched into the top of the head. And the same donor area was punched from the back leaving a checker board appearance. It also destroyed donor in the areas that the edge of the punch touched.

Today doctors with very little experience tout their "newer" method with an even smaller punch but at the expense of destroying adjacent donor hair. So for every 2 hairs removed from the donor site you could destroy 4 to 6 hairs and you are still left with scars which will show if you do subsequent sittings. This is ridiculous. Also the same amount or more anesthesia is used and the procedure takes longer. With the strip method, rather then taking a shotgun approach to removing and destroying donor hair, the strip can be removed in less them 5 minutes and then dissected under a microscope or high powered loop which preserves the donor area.

So before considering the FUE, be sure to ask your doctor about the downsides. Now FUE do have limited use in patients who have poor quality donor area with limited elasticity. But one size does not fit all and an experienced doctor has all the options available for you. Some doctors who don't do strip at all do not have the staff for the strip. So be careful that they are not steering you towards this option because they can charge more for a so called 'new' procedure.

See FUE & strip for more information.

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