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Not Judging Others

In twenty years of practice we have seen plenty of patients who have done work with other doctors. They always ask what do you think of my prior work? Did they do a good job?

We feel it is completely unethical for a doctor to comment on another doctor's work. Understandably it would be very difficult for a doctor to not have strong feelings about the quality of another doctor's work, but it is not appropriate to discuss these due to the obvious conflict of interest involved. It's pretty hard to be neutral about something about which one is passionate - but it is important to do so.

On the other hand, medical boards, consumer advocates and individual consumers have and do discipline doctors, complain on forums and blogs (both with and without merit) and even start websites detailing the false and aggressive advertising, no-refund policies, running call centers manned exclusively by salesmen, etc. We recently came across a website detailing the aggressive and misleading practices of one major hair transplant clinic chain - but for the very real ethics and conflict of interest issues - do not specify which one.

At Dr. Shapiro's hair clinic we try to stand on the results. Dr. Shapiro has years of experience, focuses on his specialty exclusively, has support staff who, again, focus on that specialty exclusively, and takes the time to address your concerns and questions. Because he stands behind his work, you'll be able to talk to patients and even watch a procedure -- but in the end, you'll be able to make your own decision without pressure.

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