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The Illusion of the
Experienced Hair Doctor

In twenty years of hair transplantation trends come and go.

The experienced hair transplant doctor knows that good old fashioned hard work and experience trumps any gimmicks out on the market. 11,000 cases is unheralded in of itself so when a new doctor tries to buy a toy or gadget to make it appear that they have experience it is unfortunate for the patient and the industry.

Over the years doctors have tried fads such as lasers to make incisions which didn't work, triple blades that only destroyed more donor and now fues which in another article I will go over in detail you should be very cautious.

You cannot buy your way into experience and donor be fooled by the fact that someone throws a big number at your head like $10,000-15000 a sitting and then you need 5-6 sittings for $60,000. This is ridiculous and just because they charge more doesn't mean they are better only that they charge more and are probably doing very few cases and have little or know experience.

Check to see their work and stay away from gimmicks. Their is no machine that can make a doctor good at what he does. You cannot buy talented hands or rent or lease an artistic eye. This comes with the doctor who is passionate about doing a hair transplant and helping their patient not from being passionate about padding their bank accounts.

The most qualified hair doctors have post graduate training in dermatology and are experienced with the nuances if the skin. Dr Lawrence Shapiro has over 35,000 dermatology patients and 11,000 hair transplant patients.

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