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Hair Transplants &
Your Working Out Schedule

Working out is very important not only for the heart but for many other health considerations. Many patients want to know how long do they need to stop their current exercise routine after the transplant.

Before the procedure the patient can work out right up until the day before the procedure. We had the experience with one patient of their working out the same day of the procedure, but it raised their blood pressure to a level too high to safely do the procedure ... we had to reschedule.

After the procedure there are two areas to heal.

  1. We want to make sure the recipient area of the head is completely healed so that you do not knock out any grafts that haven't quite finished healing. Sometimes when working out you might slip on the treadmill or bike, or bang against something and possibly damage the grafts. It's better to to be on the cautious side of things, so we want the top of the head to be completely healed.
  2. We want to make sure that the donor area, the back of the head is completely healed. This is generally true no later than two weeks later, when we remove your stitches. It is not necessary to wait a full two weeks unless you kick boxing or doing some other sports wherein you might get hit in the back of the head (se have had some ju jitsu experts get a hair transplant procedure) and again, we side with caution.

It's fine to resume heavy lifting, but for dumbbells of 50 pounds or more, it's better to wait the two weeks so that we are sure that you do not strain so much that you tear the suture area. (This did happen once, but only once in in twenty years.)

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