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Hair Transplant, Scabbing
& Dormant Phase

After the hair transplant there will be plenty of little scabs on your head. This is completely normal. The incisions are extremely small and will heal within days.

These scabs will naturally and rapidly fall off. After 72 hours, you can start to wash your hair with baby shampoo. After a full week you can place your head in a bath tub with baby oil mixed in and soak your head for 45 minutes and the rest of the scabbing will slough off.

Many patients see little hairs fall off with the scabs and think they lost the hair root. It is almost impossible to lose the root unless the patient picks or digs at the scab. What they are seeing is the hair shaft and the epidermis, not root of the hair.

So please don't panic but rather understand that this is completely normal. Hair transplants normally experience a dormant phase and we rarely see the hair not go dormant right after a transplant procedure.

We however are doing a test study on certain products such as Dr. Shapiro's Help Hair Shake with which we are possibly seeing the hair avoid the dormant phase.

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