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How soon can I go swimming
after my hair loss surgery?

Many patients ask, "how soon can I go swimming after my hair loss transplant?"

Hair transplants are like any other skin closure. As a specialist in dermatology, Dr. Lawrence Shapiro understands proper healing techniques and how to insure that the recipient and donor areas heal without infection.

Swimming after a hair transplant poses several problems.

  • First is the issue of swimming in a chlorinated pool. Chlorine can kill grafts and we don't recommend swimming in a pool until the scabs have healed.
  • Second is whether you want to swim in the ocean. There have been old-time hair doctors who alway a encouraged their patients to take a dip thinking the salty water was good for healing.

    The only problem with this is that the ocean is not always clean like the olden days and could cause an infection. So we like to stay on the side of caution and we tell patients that the minute the scabs have fallen off your head you can resume swimming. We do occasionally get a professional scuba diver in and we recommend that they wear appropriate diver gear and head wrap if they want to go in a few days sooner.

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