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Washing Your Hair
After a Hair Transplant

There are two common questions we always get after you have a hair transplant:

  • When can I start washing my hair after the hair transplant?
  • Can I use my favorite shampoo?

Immediately after your hair transplant procedure your grafts are still healing. We want you to not touch the area for the first 72 hrs. In fact we give you a cap right out of the office to wear so you won't be tempted to touch the area. However healing occurs very quickly and you can start washing your hair 72 hrs after the hair transplant surgery.

However, we want you to use baby shampoo, not your favorite shampoo, because baby shampoo is very mild and non-alcoholic and will not hurt the grafts.

At the same time, it is important not to use baby shampoo after 30 days. Why? It is a very thick shampoo and will cause pimples if used after 30 days. In fact the most common cause for pimples after the procedure is prolonged use of baby shampoo.

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