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My Hair is Falling Out!

We often get this phone call:
"All of a sudden I'm losing a lot of hair. How can I stop it?"

The answer?

  1. Don't panic and
  2. Start counting.

Hair has a normal growth cycle and at any particular time some hair is in a growing phase and some is in a resting phase. So before you panic count the number of hairs that you find in a shower or on your brush. If you don't find over 150 a day then you don't have real hair loss.

On the average, your head has over 100,000 hairs on it. So to lose less then 150 hairs is normal. In fact if we didn't lose hair you would end up like Repunzal and you couldn't even hold your head up since the hair would be so heavy.

We also do get an occasional call from patients who are growing hair for the first time on top of their head. They report, "my hair is falling out!" So we ask how many hairs and they usually respond 20-25 hairs. This is also normal but also humorous since previously balding patients simply aren't used to having hair on the top of their heads. If even one hair falls out they are worried, and we reassure them that this is a normal, natural process and that transplants are permanent and will last you a lifetime.

See also, anagen phase, catagen phase, and telegen phase.

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