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How Hair Saved a Life

How could your hair possibly save your life? This is a true story and really makes you reflect how our lives hang on a thread sometimes in this case a hair. Dr. Lawrence Shapiro has done over 11,000 cases and each of these people have their own story.

A patient recently came into our office who'd had a hair transplant 19 years ago when he was 72. He came in to have a second 'sitting.'

His wife recently had passed away and he felt like he needed a little perking up. He came in for his consult and told Dr. Shapiro an interesting and true story.

He was born in Germany and the Germans rounded up his Jewish father and sent him to the death camps. It was only a matter of time that he and his mother would also be taken. When the Germans came he was separated from his mother and he started screaming. The guard figured it wouldn't matter so he gave him to his mother since they were on their way to the death camps anyway.

When they were taken off the train the mother placed the young boy on her shoulders and as everyone was told to go left the mother went right. She took his hat off and calmly made her way to the guarded gates. What the guards saw was a woman with a blonde hair, blue eyed little boy and because they thought he was Aryan not Jewish they let him through the gates. His mother then kept walking and sold a brochure to a local merchant who in turn lead them into the woods, the same place that was the subject of the movie in Defiance. He managed to get out of Germany and live a long life and have children and grand children all because of his hair.

On a side note when Dr. Lawrence Shapiro went to see Defiance in Boca Raton he ran into another patient whose wife was born in those woods and who also immigrated to the United States.

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