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Can a Hair Transplant
Improve Your Love Life?

Can a hair transplant improve your love life?

A hair transplant can make you look 10 years younger after just one procedure. Of all the cosmetic procedures hair can give you the biggest transformation and without hair you always look older.

In Dr Shapiro's office over 40% of the patients are single and half of those are looking for a new spouse or girlfriend.

Many of the patients are recently divorced and the hair transplant can give them a boost of confidence in the dating scene. Very few people look good bald and if you had a full head of hair you would never shave those locks of hair to become a bald guy.

In fact if you compare hair to teeth, you don't need your front teeth but you wouldn't think of walking around without them. Hair is the exactly like your teeth and if the procedure is done a highly experienced doctor like Dr. Lawrence Shapiro and is also affordable then doing the transplant is just as easy as calling the toll free number and setting up a complimentary consultation.

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