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Wigs vs Permanent Hair Replacement:
Which is best for you?

Statistics show that as many as 25 million women in the U.S. suffer from hair loss. If you are one of them, you may be wondering if a very high quality wig might be the solution for you.

Even well-made wigs constructed of natural hair have their drawbacks. One is that they may contribute to even further hair loss since clips, glue or weaves are needed to attach them to your scalp.

Wigs require regular care and maintenance, generally to the tune of about $300 every month. Exposure to the elements affects wigs more harshly than it affects your natural hair. Once a year a wig must be replaced, costing anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. The overall expense of a natural-looking wig is ongoing and formidable.

And always, a wig is just a wig, not your natural hair. It will never look quite the same as living hair, anymore than an imitation jewel, however fine its quality, will ever match the beauty of an original.

Add to this the discomfort of wearing something tight against your scalp every day, and it's easy to see there's a downside to even the best of wigs as a hair-loss solution.

Permanent hair replacement , on the other hand, when done by an experienced and qualified doctor, restores the growth of your own beautiful hair without excessive or ongoing cost and with little or no down-time. Such hair transplantation is a safe and effective alternative to wigs. It uses "donor hair" from the back of the head and transplants harvested follicles, called grafts, into tiny incisions made in the top of the scalp. Since the donor area is not affected by pattern baldness, the hair that's replaced is permanent.

When a qualified doctor is doing the procedure, most patients will be satisfied in as little as one or two sessions. Be wary of doctors who talk of the need for many more sittings or who won't honor your request to meet with satisfied clients or to view a surgical procedure. If a doctor is offering excuses as to why these things aren't possible, it is usually a sign that he or she has limited experience or skill. Not all hair replacement doctors are created equal. Look for a doctor who does surgery every day.

Be willing to travel if necessary to the doctor of your choice. This is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure, and it's worth it to you to have it done by the best.

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