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There are several hair forums on the web that give the impression that they are experts. Be very careful about these forums. They claim they review their doctors who are paying the ridiculous price of $15,000 to $35,000 to be on their forums. Yet the people who own these websites are not doctors, have no degrees and mislead people into thinking that they are qualified to decide to be on their website and therefore they are the only ones who should be doing this procedure since the website owner went to their office and looked at their work. That's like you going to a wine tasting contest and deciding which wine is best since you went to Napa Valley for the weekend. Just because you have good google positioning doesn't mean that you know anything about hair transplantation. These websites claim they will lead you to a qualified doctor who they selected. Yet these websites are not reviewed by any state board or qualified doctors who can make that decision. Do not be fooled by this shell game. These forums have no authority and are considered viral websites that unknown user post claims they went to certain doctors and were not happy with their results many without any proof. This is plain out slander and these practices should stop. And a supreme court ruling will be deciding this soon since the web is fairly new and the web law had not caught up. Until then in take them with a grain of salt. And some of the doctors these websites recommend have not been practicing very long or have very few patients and very little history as a hair transplant doctor.

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