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Ch 7 Ch 7Chapter 7: Dr. Shapiro's All-Natural 4 Step Program: "Nutrition is so important for healthy hair. I wanted to recommend good products for healthy hair to my patients. Yet, I could not find any products on the market that embodied all my knowledge of healthy hair. So, I created a line of supplements and hair care products, and called them Dr. Shapiro's Help Hair.

"My goal is to provide the highest quality, all natural products formulated to promote the growth of healthy hair and nails." Read more ...

Ch 8Chapter 8: Fringe Benefits of Dr. Shapiro's Help Hair Shake: "We have found some unusual, yet positive benefits with Dr. Shapiro's Help Hair Shake that I was not aware of when I developed the formula. These additional attributes, as in all medicine, are discovered by chance but are huge findings." Read more ...

Left: AFR program - 2 months & 6 months after hair transplant Normally, hair begins growing in 3 - 6 months and completes growth in 10 months.

ch 8 ch 8

Left & Right: Before & after photos of overweight 50 year old man and after hair transplant with significant growth at 3.5 months. He also lost 51 pounds.

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Note: Results will vary based on number of sittings, hair texture, color, density, the number of grafts performed and placement of the grafts and the amount of hair loss the patient has prior to the sitting.
Hair transplants are permanent but will not stop the progression of normal hair loss.
Although we have had good results we cannot guarantee that your hair transplant will grow in the accelerated time even with AFR. This information is considered anecdotal evidence based on reports by the patient at the time of follow up. Double blind studies are currently going to be done by one or more of our 15 worldwide AFR clinics. Proper usage of the Help Hair Shake and Low Anabolic Profile assure optimal results.