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Chapter Excerpts:

If Geo Washington were baldChapter 1: Baldness is NOT an Option!: "Hair is ageless. Hair is timeless. Hair is forever young.

"Ultimately at the end of the day, you want the maximum amount of hair on top of your head, not sitting as a wig on a white styrofoam head on your dresser.

"From the beginning of time, hair has signified strength, virility and stamina. In business and in personal relationships, someone with great looking hair always has the upper hand." Read more ...

Dorian GreyChapter 2: The Psyche of Hair Loss in Men and Women: "Aging affects everyone. Evidence of aging may include sagging, wrinkled skin, loss of muscle tone, and strands of hair in the sink. Painfully, for some of us, looking at our pillow and sink each morning reminds us that we are losing hair, one hair at a time. Reversing this problem would be almost magical. Even though characters in literature such as Dorian Grey resorted to magic to stay forever young, you can simply follow the instructions in this book to maintain youthful-looking hair for your entire lifetime." Read more ...

Ch 3Chapter 3: Male Pattern Baldness: "In understanding male pattern baldness, also called androgenetic alopecia, we must understand the science behind it.

"Hair follicles normally go through a growth cycle of three stages: anagen (growth) phase; catagen (transition) phase; and telogen (dormant) phase.

"The anagen phase normally lasts several years, and is the time when the follicle produces a hair. The hair continues to grow until some unknown signal causes the follicle to enter the catagen phase." Read more ...

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Note: Results will vary based on number of sittings, hair texture, color, density, the number of grafts performed and placement of the grafts and the amount of hair loss the patient has prior to the sitting.
Hair transplants are permanent but will not stop the progression of normal hair loss.
Although we have had good results we cannot guarantee that your hair transplant will grow in the accelerated time even with AFR. This information is considered anecdotal evidence based on reports by the patient at the time of follow up. Double blind studies are currently going to be done by one or more of our 15 worldwide AFR clinics. Proper usage of the Help Hair Shake and Low Anabolic Profile assure optimal results.