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Ch 4Chapter 4: Female Hair Loss: "For women, hair loss is almost the worst thing that could happen to their appearance. Many women panic at the first sign of hair loss and rush to their hair stylist for help. The truth is that only a physician trained in dermatology is capable of diagnosing and treating hair loss. After a medical evaluation, the physician will work with the patient to make the best of the situation over the course of treatment.

"Hair loss in women can be caused by many factors. A number of "non-androgenic" factors may be responsible for hair loss in women. Women's hair seems to be particularly sensitive to underlying medical conditions. Since "systemic" problems often cause a diffuse type of hair loss pattern that can be confused with genetic balding, it is important that women with undiagnosed hair loss, especially of the diffuse or "un-patterned" type, be properly evaluated." Read more ...

Ch 5Chapter 5: The Lifestyle Connection: "Believe it or not, your actions can unintentionally accelerate hair loss. Some products on the market contribute to hair loss, including supplements and pills that many people take, unaware of their side effects. Also, physical factors, such as curling irons and cosmetic surgery, can contribute to hair loss.

"Let's look at a few of the key offenders." Read more ...

Ch 6
Chapter 6: Losing Your Hair, Finding Your Whey: "While genetics clearly has an impact on the most common types of hair loss, some nutritional factors may be at play, including dietary deficiencies, use of growth hormone-based supplements during weight training, use of steroids for weight training, use of weight-loss products and fat burners, causing a hormonal imbalance." Read more ...

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Note: Results will vary based on number of sittings, hair texture, color, density, the number of grafts performed and placement of the grafts and the amount of hair loss the patient has prior to the sitting.
Hair transplants are permanent but will not stop the progression of normal hair loss.
Although we have had good results we cannot guarantee that your hair transplant will grow in the accelerated time even with AFR. This information is considered anecdotal evidence based on reports by the patient at the time of follow up. Double blind studies are currently going to be done by one or more of our 15 worldwide AFR clinics. Proper usage of the Help Hair Shake and Low Anabolic Profile assure optimal results.