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Hair Transplant Procedure
for African Americans

Q I am African American and I heard that I need to take care of my hair transplant differently to get the best results.

A Yes you do. Dr. Lawrence Shapiro is a dermatologist who subspecializes in hair transplants. He has specific pre-operative and post-operative care for your hair transplants. Not only does he use special blades designed for your hair but he uses certain techniques to avoid keloids and ingrown hairs. He can diagnose and treat hair loss problems in African American patients. He has been in practice for 20 years and has over 35,000 dermatology patients and 11,000 hair transplant patients. Always look for a doctor who has extra training in hair since nuances in the hair, skin, nails can make a big difference in outcome. Most hair transplant doctors do not have this training or experience.

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