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Chapter Excerpts, continued:

Chapter 12: Other Causes of Alopecia (Hair Loss): "People experience hair loss for many reasons. We have already covered the most common reasons for alopecia, or hair loss. Some less common reasons include: traction alopecia, alopecia areata, alopecia universalis, and fungal infections." Read more ...

Ch 14
Chapter 13: Forever Young - An Ounce of Prevention: "Whatever your age, you always want hair on your head, whether you are as young as 17 or as advanced in years as 95. It is important to remember that to stay forever young looking, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Read more ...

Ch 14Chapter 14: Why Bald Isn't Beautiful: "It wasn't until the 90's, the expression "Bald is beautiful" was a mantra for men with thin hair. Before that, everyone wanted long hair. The fashion of bald heads became in vogue when professional athletes started shaving their heads. I suppose if you made millions of dollars a year even if you didn't have any teeth, you would look good to some people." Read more ...

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Note: Results will vary based on number of sittings, hair texture, color, density, the number of grafts performed and placement of the grafts and the amount of hair loss the patient has prior to the sitting.
Hair transplants are permanent but will not stop the progression of normal hair loss.
Although we have had good results we cannot guarantee that your hair transplant will grow in the accelerated time even with AFR. This information is considered anecdotal evidence based on reports by the patient at the time of follow up. Double blind studies are currently going to be done by one or more of our 15 worldwide AFR clinics. Proper usage of the Help Hair Shake and Low Anabolic Profile assure optimal results.