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Hair Transplant Video - AFR


DR. SHAPIRO: When did you have it done?
PATIENT: aah, I'd say about that was more than two months, it's been about six months now...
DR. SHAPIRO: This is six months of growth..
PATIENT: I think so... six to seven, If I'm right....You guys told me to forget about it just let it grow so I forgot about it...(laughing...)
DR. SHAPIRO: But you're taking the shake?
PATIENT: I've been taking the shake, I've been taking the pills, I've been taking ahh... and I've been putting the Rogain on you know...
DR. SHAPIRO: aah hah..
PATIENT: on a steady basis though
DR. SHAPIRO: aah hah...
DR. SHAPIRO: How do you like it?
PATIENT: I like it.
DR. SHAPIRO This is amazing!
PATIENT: Amazing man!
DR. SHAPIRO: ahh hah... and you did everything we did, look at all that hair.
DR. SHAPIRO: that's outrageous! that is outrageous! look at the top that's, that's incredible! aah hah... and it's you're now at six months?
PATIENT: I believe so...
DR. SHAPIRO: this is six months of growth,
PATIENT: I believe so...
DR. SHAPIRO: That's huge! look at that nice hairline too huh? You're a whole new man!
PATIENT: A whole new man!
DR.SHAPIRO: Wow! ok, and your not taking any other kind of supplements, right? other than what we told you to do?
PATIENT: (shaking his head) No... (unclear audible...)
DR. SHAPIRO: stayin' with the good stuff
PATIENT: Help Hair is the one!
DR. SHAPIRO:Beautiful! Thank you! Thank You!
DR. SHAPIRO: Let's take a look at the back here and the is no visible scar, unbelievable!
PATIENT: You can't really see it, I usually do a little fade right here you know and....
DR. SHAPIRO: Nothing there right? That's amazing!