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Would it be worth combining a Florida vacation
with a hair transplant if your hair could grow in faster and look better?

In 2010, after years of observation, and conversations with a number of his patients with unusually early or accelerated hair loss, Dr. Lawrence Shapiro discovered a new (patent pending) technique for decreasing the normal 3-6 month dormancy period after a hair transplant using his Accelerated Follicular Restoration (AFR Program. Rather than 3-6 months for hair to begin to regrow after hair transplant surgery, client study patients using the AFR program experienced that their new hair began to grow in 6 weeks to 2 months, often resulting in significant growth by 6 months. See pictures featuring some of the AFR program clinical study subjects.

"My results were amazing! With AFR my hair grew without falling out.
It didn't even go dormant. I have a lot of growth at 6 months and cannot wait
to see how it looks at 8 and 10 months." -- Jeff L., Dallas, Texas.

Since 1989, as low as $3-$4 fu/graft, 11,000 Procedures Performed
Dr. Shapiro's Hair Transplant Clinic provides services to residents of the Palm Beach area at his two locations in Hollywood and Delray Beach - just minutes from Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, FL.

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