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Dr. Lawrence Shapiro provides more than your basic hair transplants. In 2010, Dr. Shapiro developed a protocol for the AFR technique for decreasing the normal 3-6 month dormancy period after a hair transplant. Rather than 3-6 months for hair to begin to regrow after hair transplant surgery, client study patients using the AFR program experienced that their new hair began to grow in 6 weeks to 2 months, often resulting in significant growth by 6 months. See pictures featuring some of the AFR program clinical study subjects.

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Age 32
before hair transplant photo, age 32
before hair transplant photo, age 32
before hair transplant photo, age 32
before hair transplant photo, age 32
I was so impressed with Dr. Shapiro.
I flew in, had the procedure & flew back out the next day. It was easy & convenient & I now have a great head of hair! Frank L., Chicago, IL

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