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Thick Hair: I want my hair as thick as possible.

Q I want my hair as thick as possible. Can this be done?

A Absolutely, and we make every effort to permit you to have thick hair for less money and with fewer sittings in our office. While many hair transplant clinics require you to return for multiple sittings (surgeries) we try to avoid more than three. Depending on your skin color-tone and your hair color, thickness density, and texture, the actual thickness needed to give the look and feel of thick hair varies greatly from person to person. If you want really thick hair it can be achieved but depend on these factors as well as the degree of baldness you are experiencing.

In our office we try to make it possible for you to reasonably afford do more hair transplant surgery sittings. You can look at our before and afters, and discuss with Dr. Shapiro as well as his previous patients exactly what it will probably take and/or what it took to achieve that thick look.

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