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Why use propecia / rogaine
after hair transplant procedure?

Q Why do you use propecia and rogaine while the transplanted hair is growing out after the procedure?

A We use whatever has been clinically shown to maximize your hair growth. We feel medications such as propecia and rogaine are like fertilizer which will help with hair growth. You do not have to take them if you don't want to but it does help.

Once your hair has grown out you can stop the use of both medications since the transplanted hair is permanent and will not fall out. In the case of non-transplant (permanent) donor hair, the medications help hair growth and when stopped, the hair growth stops. So this is an entirely different situation.

Some doctors keep you on propecia saying it will help already grown transplanted hair, but be careful because they are usually selling propecia for over $2 a pill to profit from your continued use. We do not sell any medications from our office because we think it constitutes a conflict of interest.

In the event that you'd like to continue with propecia and/or rogaine anyway, we'll give you a prescription for a less expensive generic version of propecia that you can fill at your own pharmacy for pennies a day.

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