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Post Op Hair Transplant Questions

It is essential that after hair transplant surgery you be able to ask post op questions.

Of course, sometimes those questions don't occur during the normal office hours so we make sure that someone in the office is always available to answer questions.

Because it is also important that the person is qualified to answer questions, we have a registered nurse on our staff who can answer your questions at any time. She has been a registered nurse since 1994 and has lots of experience. She also participates in the procedures and has actual knowledge of your specific procedure.

You can be assured that there is a local person who can respond to your query at any time. If need be, she can meet with you and she can always reach Dr. Shapiro within a matter of minutes.

Patients: You can login here to see your post-op instructions again.

And here's the number to call to reach our nurse 24/7: 561.414.4509