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Where to Start Your Hairline

Q Dr Shapiro, where should I start my hairline?

A This is an extremely important question and involves the artistic ability of the hair doctor. Understand that if you start a hair line too low that it will look fake and artificial. Many doctors purposefully start too low so that you are forced to do a second sitting because they have started too low on your far head and it will need multiple sittings to make it look full in addition to the fact that you will need more grafts. This is unethical and be careful that they do not start you too low and fully explain the consequences. When designing a good hairline you must look at the face and decide where it would look the most natural. You can always lower it in the future but is extremely hard to remove. See pictures of the hair transplant doctor to get an idea of his work. If he has only a few pictures then you will are probably dealing with an inexperienced doctor. In Dr Shapiros office we have thousands of before and afters and he can show you actual patients to see his hair lines.

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