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Is a long donor strip normal in hair restoration surgery?

Q: I went for a consultation and the doctor wanted to cut a 35 cm strip. Is that normal?

A: That is an unusually long strip. It is better to take a donor strip a little wider then longer or you will be left with an incision that is hard to hide. Our incisions are well hidden, and we can arrange for you to visit with or talk to other patients regarding their incisions.

For this reason, it is important to go to an experience hair transplant doctor. Once an incision like that is made it is difficult to hide.

Dr. Lawrence Shapiro does all his own consultations and has performed over 11,000 cases. He will show you during your consultation the exact length of the strip so there are no surprises. Dr. Shapiro developed the strip technique in the early 90's and the advanced closures he uses are the very same ones he uses for his dermatological procedures.