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Losing Hair at Menopause

Q I am a middle aged woman losing my hair, and getting hot flashes. What should I do?

A You are probably losing your hair because you are menopausal. This is the stage in your life that your estrogen levels drop and testosterone levels will start affecting your hair follicles. Not all women will get thinning hair but it usually is because of a family history of thinning hair. So if your mother was thin then you will probably have the same problem. Using good products like Help Hair shake and vitamins help. Today doctors will not prescribe estrogen for hot flashes because of the possible risk of breast or ovarian cancer but our supplements help if caught early. Also be kind to your hair and don't blow dry with heat rather cool air. In addition go to our lab tests we recommend that you get for early detection. If you have significant hair loss a hair transplant will help.

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