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Brazil Hair Transplant Package

Get your Hair Transplant in Florida

We have many patients flying from Brazil who want the most affordable price and the most advanced hair transplant techniques. Our hair transplant cost is very economical compared to the physicians in Brasil.

You can fly into Orlando and drive 2 hours south to our Delray office in Palm Beach county for your hair transplant holiday.

Special Hair Transplant Prices for South American Residents

Call for our discounts that will allow you to have a hair transplant for less than what you would pay in San Paulo or Brasil.

All prices include all follow-up visits, anesthesia, surgical facility, no taxes involved, blood work extra, post op medication extra. We accept all major credit cards and cashiers checks.

Prices are subject to change anytime unless held with a deposit. Prices are good for this month only and new prices will be posted beginning of next month.

Dr. Shapiro uses special Syris polarized loops for ultra-magnification when extracting the FUE and for incisions with the FU. And using the ERTIP motorized FUE system the most advanced sharp point extraction system in the world.

Please send email with pictures or call for quote.