Removal of Transplanted Hair

Dolls Head Plugs Many patients that have had a hair tranplant in the late 80’s or before may be interested in hair transplant removal. Large, pluggy grafts or grafts that are placed to far apart do not leave a natural appearance. In this case most people just want them removed. However, a much better solution is to work around these plugs adding smaller grafts to give a softer, more refined appearance.
The first step is to have a qualified physician assess the situation and determine the best course of action. Removal of the grafts will very likely leave scarring and possibly even prohibit new grafts from growing in that area. Some doctors use a punch to remove these plugs but the patient may not be satisfied with the outcome. The removal of the grafts could leave the patient even more unhappy than before.
The best way to approach a hair transplant repair is to fill the area with smaller, more natural grafts that consist of 1 or 2 hairs in around those plugs. This will usually give the patient the natural look they desire as well as added density in that area. By putting these smaller hairs in front of the plugs the eye will be drawn to the natural hairline created by the physician. Luckily, most patients today do not have to worry about pluggy results but the patient must be careful to choose an experienced physician and see the work prior to committing to the procedure.