Midterm Predictions, By Hair


Published in Political Click October 15, 2010

Poll numbers, pundit predictions, tarot card readings and other guides to help you guess the outcome of the midterm elections have been thrown aside. It’s time to go super scientific and pick a winner based entirely on the luster and fullness of his or her locks.

Florida-based doctor Larry Shapiro of Dr. Shapiro’s Hair Institute analyzed the hair of candidates in 10 Senate and gubernatorial races and gave the rivals a 1 out of 10 rating on their shiny or not-so-shiny manes.

“I always say the one who has the most hair wins,” Shapiro told POLITICO on the phone from Florida.”Since it’s political season, we decided to come up with a roundtable of candidates and determine whether the hair gives them the edge. If you follow history, a lot of our favorite presidents have had perfect hair. Reagan had perfect hair,” said Shapiro, who gave Reagan a 10 in his political hair hall of fame.

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