Improve your Health by Eating more Organic Foods

Health Benefits of Organic FoodsThere’s a lot of hub-bub over organic foods these days, and with good reason! With more foods being treated with harmful chemicals, and coming from suspicious origins, it’s no wonder that organic foods are becoming high in demand.

If you haven’t jumped on the organic bandwagon, it’s time to start making your produce, grains and meat selections more health-friendly.

The main reason to start eating organically is your health. Conventionally grown food is covered in chemicals. These chemicals, while helpful to producing large crops of food that travel well, aren’t beneficial to your health at all. In fact, eating chemically laden food can be detrimental to your health over time. Even though there are people who claim that washing off produce removes chemicals, this doesn’t work. A conventional apple that has been washed may contain over 20 chemicals.

Eating organically can also help you avoid some of the common problems with processed foods. Most organic processed foods have banned the use of hydrogenated fat, MSG, artificial flavors and other harmful chemicals. So organic foods are definitely a better option if you need to buy processed foods.

Organic foods are normally not genetically modified. A lot of conventional produce and animal products are the result of genetic modification. In order to avoid “gm” foods, you can buy and eat organically. The jury is out on whether “gm” foods are entirely safe, and until the results are clear it’s best to err on the side of caution if you can.

On top of the health benefits, organic foods taste better. If you’ve ever bought regular produce and been disappointed by the bland taste, you’ll be happy to know that organics are full of flavor. A lot of people comment that food doesn’t taste the way that it used to when they were kids. That’s because food isn’t the way it used to be when you were a kid! Organic food is closer to the food that you remember.

By buying organic food, you are helping organic farms continue to thrive. Even though more and more people are choosing to buy organic, organic farms aren’t producing the same volume as conventional farms are. This means that they see less profits. Each time you buy organic, you are supporting a growing industry and helping to change the landscape of modern farming.

Since organic food and local farming normally go hand in hand, you can also support the local economy by buying organically. Conventional produce can travel long distances because of the chemicals used to preserve them. Since organics are more perishable, the organic food that you eat (as long as it’s not processed) is probably from your local area. Your purchase of organic food can support local farmers and increase the presence of organic growing in your area.

Even though organic food may cost a bit more than conventionally grown food, there are many reasons why it’s worth it. Whether you are motivated by health, supporting local farmers or purely by your need to have food that tastes good, buying and eating organic is definitely a step in the right direction!

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