How to Ban Stress Headaches for Good

Everyone experiences headaches from time to time. Whether they start in the back of your neck or create tightness across your temples, they can definitely put a crimp in your day. Stress headaches, sometimes called tension headaches, are a result of the muscles in your face and head tightening and causing pain.

Most people get stress headaches from time to time, but some people are unlucky enough to experience them every day. They can last from a few hours to an entire day, which definitely doesn’t help when you’re trying to get your daily activities done. Stress headaches are normally tied to something that is going on in your life, whether it’s work, school or your personal relationships.

Stress headaches are one of the strongest cases for the mind/body connection in medicine. When you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, you can develop a stress headache where there wasn’t any previous muscular tension before. Stress headaches can cause irritability, frustration and an inability to concentrate. All of these factors can lead to more stress, which makes the headache worse.

Chronic stress headaches can make your life miserable. You can develop insomnia, which can lead to tiredness and even more stress. It’s important to break the cycle and learn to overcome your stress headaches so you can be free from pain.

If you frequently experience headaches, you can’t always rely on over the counter pain relievers. Not only is taking lots of pain relievers bad for your health, you need to find the source of your headaches if you are experiencing them that frequently.

In order to beat stress headaches for good, you’ve got to make some changes in the way that you react to stress headaches. Instead of reaching for the nearest pain reliever, you need to analyze why you’re experiencing the stress headaches, especially if you are getting them frequently. If you get them around the same time everyday, ask yourself what is going on during that time of day that produces stress, and how can you eliminate or minimize the impact that it’s having.

Muscle tension is one of the most common causes of stress headaches. You can combat this cause by getting regular massages, or practicing some self-massage techniques on your shoulders and head. This will relax the muscles hat are causing your headache and relieve your pain. You can also try stretching your neck and shoulders to relieve your pain.

Since stress is at the core of this type of headache, do whatever you can to reduce the stress in your life. Many people find relief when you take up a relaxing activity like meditation or deep breathing. Drinking water and eating right will also effect your body’s ability to deal with stress and therefore reduce the likelihood that you’ll get headaches.

These techniques are simple, but they’ll have a big impact on how you feel. So the next time you get a stress headache, try these methods on for size. Your body will thank you!

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