Is Hair Transplant Surgery Only for Celebrities?

Perhaps you have heard of celebrities who may have had hair transplant surgery. Do only wealthy, famous actors, who depend on their looks to make their living, get hair transplant surgeries?

No. Many ordinary men, and women too, have utilized hair transplant surgery to look their best. Who can benefit from hair transplant surgery, and who can afford it?

Myth: Hair transplants look unnatural, so it is easy to tell which celebrities have had them.
Fact: Today’s Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) surgery, conducted by a skilled hair transplant surgeon, looks very natural. Unlike the large grafts containing 8-50 hairs (“plugs”), follicular unit transplants use 1-5 hairs at a time. Since follicular unit transplants look so natural, then it’s likely that many, many celebrities have received hair transplants to maintain their youthful appearances. Secrecy is of the utmost importance for celebrities’ cosmetic surgeries, so statistics are impossible to find. But given that the vast majority of the male population experiences male pattern balding at some point in their lifetime, a lot of actors you see on TV or at the movies most likely have very natural-look hair transplants.

Myth: The only people who get hair transplant surgery are people who depend on their “looks” to make a living: actors, celebrities, models, politicians, public figures.
Fact: It’s partially true that people who depend on their appearance may seek a hair transplant as the only permanent solution to losing their hair. However, the majority of the people who get a hair transplant are people like you, who want to maintain or improve appearances throughout life. Hair loss has many possible causes, and an official diagnosis is needed. For example, a fungal infection may superficially look like male pattern balding, but can be addressed with medicine. Some cases of hair loss can be addressed with medical intervention. Hair transplant surgery is appropriate for many cases of hair loss. Some young people under the age of 40 are subject to balding, and most of them seek treatment. As people age, hair loss becomes much more prevalent due to changes in hormone production and other stressors such as certain weight loss and muscle building supplements. Women who experience hair loss are often horrified and frightened, and their hair stylist may run out of options to help them. Regardless of marital status, profession, or income level, many people decide to deal with their hair loss. Medicine that addresses male pattern balding, such as Rogaine, must be used indefinitely to prevent further hair loss. A hair transplant is the only permanent solution to most types of hair loss.

Myth: Being concerned with your appearance is a sign of vanity.
Fact: Untrue. Humans are social creatures, so everyone wants to look good, garner respect and make a positive first impression on new people they meet. Studies show that looking good helps people feel good about themselves, and gives them more confidence. Just like bathing, brushing your teeth, and wearing clean clothes, ensuring that your scalp looks full and healthy is one of many basic grooming steps. Getting a hair transplant is similar to having chipped, crooked or discolored front teeth repaired. For most people, a full head of hair provides a more uniform look to the scalp and a more youthful appearance. Balding is not an inevitable part of aging with the latest follicular unit transplants.

Myth: Hair transplants are too expensive and therefore, out of reach for ordinary people.
Fact: The cost of hair transplant surgery is less than you might think. Many people are pleased with just one sitting, but if thicker results are wanted or male pattern balding continues, additional sittings may be desired. If the best hair transplant surgeon you can find is not in your area, relatively inexpensive air travel makes the surgery possible, and lodging discounts may be available. Since this surgery is totally out-patient and you return to normal activity the next day, no significant work time is lost.

Hair transplant surgery is a viable, out-patient option for many people experiencing hair loss, not just celebrities. Look up at the silver screen to see some great hair transplants, then realize this possibility for yourself.