Hair Loss in Women May Be Helped by Herbal Extract

An herbal extract called Bohemeria nipononivea appeared to improve hair health and regrowth in post-menopausal women experiencing Androgenic Alopecia, according to a study by Rinaldi, Sorbellini, Bezzola and Giuliani.

Boehmeria nipononivea is a nettle plant from China and Japan. An extract from this plant’s leaves was given in tablet form to a group of 30 women aged 44 to 69 years. Thirty control subjects received a placebo and showed no significant changes.

However, the women who received the herbal extract, showed a 10% increase in their anagen count (active hair growth) by the end of the trial. Their Telogen count percentage (the percentage of hairs not growing) reduced 35%, and their hair shaft diameter gradually increased, too. Their hair count went up significantly.

Before and after pictures of nettle extract results

The scientists concluded that the extract of Bohemeria nipononivea they studied could be effective and safe for treating women with female Androgenic Alopecia.

“Extracts can help to some degree,” said Dr. Larry Shapiro, who has hair transplant clinics in Miami and Boca Raton, Florida, “because they may help an underlying condition. But unless the condition is assessed by a specialist and properly diagnosed, herbal extracts may end up making the condition worse.”