Does Geography Limit Hair Transplant Surgeon Choices?

The only permanent solution to most types of hair loss is hair transplantation. When it comes to choosing a hair transplantation surgeon, be broad in your thinking. Do not be limited to choosing from hair transplantation surgeons within an hour’s drive of your home. Consider taking a hair transplant vacation! After a hair transplant, you can return to activity the next day, and the medications are limited. There are no unsightly bandages or visible scabs, and you will look and feel quite normal.

Dr. Shapiro (middle) and his staffWhen choosing a hair transplant doctor, choose a dermatologist who performs hair transplant surgeries virtually every day. He should have received training after medical school to become expert in hair transplantation techniques. If the doctor also performs many other cosmetic procedures such as facelifts and tummy tucks, they may not be performing enough hair transplant surgeries to give you the best results.

Ensure the hair transplant surgeon is a member of as legitimate society such as the AMA or AOA, and contact that organization to make sure. Contact several of their satisfied patients. Also, know that the most expensive hair transplant surgeon is not necessarily the best. Practices that only have a few patients have to charge more to meet their overhead; however, fewer patients means the doctor gets less experience with hair transplants. A skilled hair transplant surgeon runs a busy, dedicated hair transplant office with plenty of satisfied patients for you to meet. Also, you should be able to meet with the doctor, not just a salesperson.

Inexpensive travel by air or car means you can choose from virtually any surgeon. Imagine leaving for a week’s tropical Florida vacation, and returning looking basically the same. However, in 3-6 months, natural-looking, new hair starts growing in the bald places, and more hair grows in within a year. This hair is permanent.

Hair Transplant Clinic in FloridaUnbeknownst to your friends and colleagues, you would arrive at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport and drove a rental car to a hotel in gorgeous Boca Raton, Delray Beach or Hollywood, Florida. The next day, you’d meet with Dr. Larry Shapiro at his hair transplantation clinic in Hollywood, just 10 minutes from the airport. He will design your hairline and provide final instructions for the surgery. You can play a round of golf or lounge on a sandy beach during your free time.

The next morning, have a light breakfast and then spend 4-6 hours in the chair at Dr. Shapiro’s clinic. Wide awake and relaxed, you can watch a favorite DVD or listen to music. Using a simple local anesthetic, Dr. Shapiro will skillfully remove a strip of skin from the back or side of your head.

While the surgical area is being sutured, a team of hair transplantation assistants and Dr. Shapiro will use microscopes in the same room to cut the micro/mini grafts/follicular units and prepare them for transplantation. Then, with no discomfort, each follicular unit is inserted into tiny incisions made in the recipient area. Dr. Shapiro uses special techniques to create a very natural-looking hairline.

After the surgery, you will typically be prescribed anti-inflammatory medication to control and reduce swelling, and antibiotics to prevent infection. Most patients use over-the-counter pain medication and have no bandages. The next day, you will be able to return to most regular activities for the remainder of your vacation, avoiding heavy lifting for a while. After returning home, you would be able to follow up with a local doctor to remove the stitches, or remove them yourself.

This would be an appearance-transforming vacation in beautiful Florida, and no one would notice until your hair started to grow in some months later! Dr. Shapiro offers very reasonable pricing, financing to qualified patients, and travel incentives for accommodations and transportation. If you like, you could combine your hair transplant with a business trip or vacation.

Never perceive geography as a barrier to a skilled hair transplant surgeon who will transform your hairline and your appearance, permanently.