Case Study: Polish Patient’s Hair Transplant Grows in Quickly with Accelerated Follicular Restoration

A 30-year-old Polish man had a consultation with Dr. Marwan Saifi for help with his hair loss. Dr. Saifi, a general surgeon and diplomate of the American Board of Hair restoration Surgery, practices hair restoration in Wroclaw, Poland. Dr. Saifi recommended a hair transplant for the patient’s male pattern balding. He also screened the patients’ use of anabolics (hormone-altering drugs & supplements), and asked the patient to take Help Hair Shake after the hair transplant.

The patient had much faster growth of the transplanted hair than a typical hair transplant patient. The photos on this page tell the story. Before, the patient showed typical male pattern balding. Two weeks after Dr. Saifi transplanted 1500 hairs, we already see growth of the transplanted hairs starting. The photos at 5 weeks and 7 weeks were significant. Remember, the patient took Help Hair Shake twice per day after the transplant, and was following directions to reduce or eliminate the use of hormone-altering compounds (anabolics).

Normally, transplanted hairs fall out soon after they are transplanted from one part of the scalp to another. This is called “shock loss”. The hair follicle goes into a “dormancy” phase, called the “telogen” phase, for several months before it starts to grow. In this AFR patient, we saw an extremely short telogen phase.

The combination of Help Hair Shake with the Low-Anabolic Profile is called “Accelerated Follicular Restoration(TM)” or “AFR(TM)”. This term was coined by Dr. Shapiro, the American hair transplant surgeon who wrote the book “Fight Hair Loss and Win!” Dr. Shapiro trained Dr. Saifi on how to use AFR to help his patients get faster results from hair transplants.

Case Study: Polish Patient’s Hair Transplant Grows in Quickly with AFR(TM)

Hair transplant surgeons Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Marwan Saifi

Hair transplant surgeons Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Marwan Saifi

Dr. Marwan Saifi operates his hair transplant clinic in Poland. He is a General Surgeon and a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). He has been performing quality follicular unit hair transplantation since 1995, when he improved the procedure by creating a device called The Hemostatic Dilater which was patented under his name.

Male pattern balding is a hormonal-related problem in genetically prone individuals. It mostly affects men, and results in hair loss at the front of the head, and on the top. Dr. Shapiro noticed that hormone-altering supplements such as Whey Protein Isolate may accelerate male pattern balding, so he developed his own “Help Hair Shake” as an alternative. Whey protein is used by people who work out to build muscle, but it may affect hormone levels. Dr. Shapiro’s Help Hair Shake is made from Whey Protein Concentrate, which is less processed than Whey Protein Isolate. A user study showed that Help Hair had a much more positive effect on hair growth than Whey Protein Isolate.

Dr. Saifi is one of a group of hair transplant physicians around the world who are being trained by Dr. Shapiro in AFR(TM). These AFR(TM) Hair Transplant Physicians are learn how to utilize the Shapiro High Anabolic Profile Index Ratings and Overview (S.H.A.P.I.R.O) chart to screen patients for anabolic use. They also direct their patients to ingest Help Hair Shake get better, faster results with their hair transplant.

Hair transplant doctor Peter Hadjuk

Hair transplant doctor Peter Hadjuk from the Czech Republic visits Dr. Shapiro in Florida, USA

Other hair transplant physicians world-wide are becoming AFR doctors and reproducing similar results with their patients. For example, Dr. Nader in Mexico has reproduced some of Dr. Shapiro’s results. Dr. Peter Hadjuk from the Czech Republic recently visited Dr. Shapiro in his South Florida, USA hair transplant offices to discuss AFR and the S.H.A.P.I.R.O chart (see photo). Drs. Hadjuk, as well as Dr. Martinick in Australia, are starting on their own studies with AFR.

Hair transplant doctors are invited to join the Dr. Shapiro’s Doctors Only email list and learn more about becoming an AFR doctor.

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